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Important facts about dogs

Important facts about dogs

Dogs see colors – and this influences their emotions and shape that we treat them. 


Dogs are man's best friends, but do they see the world in the same way as us? For many years, it was believed that dogs were color blind. However, recent research shows that although dogs cannot see the same colors as humans, they can still see colors. In this article, we will explore how this influences their preferences, emotions, attitudes and the way we treat them. 

Dogs are not toys, they should not be dressed up, much less painted - they see colors and prefer neutral tones. 

Dogs are calm animals, they like organic, natural materials that belong to a sober and soft color palette. 

Painting or dressing up a Pet is mistreatment, causes stress, embarrassment and pose several risks to your physical and mental health.


Painting an animal is a slow and toxic process. Applying dyes alters your pet's smell and appearance, creates stress, embarrassment and communication problems with other animals, and can even lead to fights between them. The chemicals present in dyes are highly toxic and cause several health problems for the animal. It is not uncommon to find cases of puppies that lost parts of their bodies, and even their lives, due to allergic reactions to the dye. Animals do not need aesthetic touch-ups, it will not bring them any benefit.


Dressing up a pet, especially with strong colors and synthetic materials, will cause stress, anxiety and embarrassment. 


It's important to remember that dogs have different physical and emotional needs than we do. They don't need clothes or accessories to feel happy or comfortable. Painting or dressing up a dog will cause discomfort, stress and social problems. Therefore, it is important to respect your dog's well-being and not impose unnecessary clothing or accessories - do not objectify him.


A pet is not a toy, it is not an object and should not be subjected to human vanity. 

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